The Clockwork Orange cocktail kit is a hit for anyone that loves chocolate orange, the cointreau compliments the creamy liqueur of Baileys, with Tia Maria enhancing the depth of the cocktail. 

The Chocolate Cocktail Club have created this mouthwatering box of goodies for a birthday gift, anniversary, hen-do or just a regular Friday night, it is guaranteed to sweeten' up any occasion. 

Inside the box you will have the contents to create 2 cocktails, all you will need is, a cocktail shaker, a martini glass for each person, ice and chocolate milk. 

We know that everyone loves chocolate, however this box is strictly for over 18's. 

Clockwork Orange Cocktail Kit

SKU: 671253175371
  • What's included

    1x 50cl Tia Maria

    1x 50cl Cointreau 

    1 x 50cl Baileys Irish Cream liqueur

    1 x Terrys Chocolate Orange bar

    1 x Menu recipe card


    Tia Maria 20% Alc/vol 

    Cointreau 40% Alc/vol 

    Baileys Irish Cream liqueur 17% alc/vol

    This product does contain Dairy and Lactose